Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important ATD addresses on the World Wide Web?

What are the top five reasons members cite for joining/renewing Memphis local chapter membership?

  1. To support their professional development.
  2. To stay on the leading edge of the Workplace Learning and Performance profession.
  3. To build their professional network.
  4. To attend chapter programs that deliver valuable content at the member rate.
  5. To give back to the profession.

How do I join ATD Memphis?

To join ATD Memphis, there are several ways:

  1. Visit the Join Now page.

What is the difference between ATD and ATD Memphis?

ATD is an international organization; ATD Memphis is the local chapter affiliated with the international organization. An individual can choose to be a member of either or both, and both organizations have separate annual dues. Membership in either organization has its benefits, and maintaining current membership in both is highly encouraged. If you must choose, we offer this one mantra: Think globally, act locally.

How can I be a presenter at a monthly chapter program?

Our chapter is committed to providing events that directly deliver and support ATD's Talent Development Capability Model. Please contact the VP of Programs to further inquire about facilitating a program.

How can I contact the chapter leaders of ATD Memphis?

The website lists the current chapter officers. If you select the appropriate link, you can email an individual officer.

How can I get more involved?

Opportunities to get actively involved, and even take on a leadership role, in the chapter are numerous. Talk to any Board member or Chair at any program, or contact them via e-mail to discover your place. Your unique skills and talents can contribute to our chapter success.

How can I access a membership directory list?

Visit the ATD Memphis Members -only area. This link is password protected, and the password is available to any current ATD Memphis Member. If you don’t know the password, simply email any Board member. After confirming your membership status, they will send you the password.

Does ATD Memphis have a job bank for job seekers?

Yes, visit our Career Listings page.

How can an employer list job openings on the ATD Memphis website?

Send the job posting information to our President.

How do membership fees work?

New member fees and renewals are $ 50 for 12-months, student membership fee is $ 25

Are there discounted membership fees for students?

Yes, membership for students enrolled in nine or more credit hours per semester is $25. Students must provide proof from their respective institution stating they are actively registered at the time of joining.

Does ATD Memphis take credit cards?

Yes, both membership and program registration fees can be processed via PayPal.

Whom do I notify if my personal contact information changes, or I change jobs?

The ATD Memphis VP of Membership manages our membership database, and can accept and process your contact information. Send your information via email.

How do I find information about ATD National membership and benefits?

Call the ATD Headquarters Customer Care Center at (800) 628-2783 or check their website.

How do I reset or recover my account password if I forgot it?

You can only reset your password. This is done for security reasons. Here are the steps.

1. On the left menu bar of the website is a link labeled "Forgot Password". Click that link.
2. On the Reset Password page, enter your e-mail address for your ATD Memphis account.
3. Click the Submit button.

An e-mail containing a link will be sent to your e-mail address. Click the link in that e-mail, and reset your password as desired.

How do I reset my password if I want to change it?

Follow the same steps listed above. Or, if you are already logged into the ATD Memphis website, do the following steps.

1. Click the link labeled "Change Password" on the left menu bar.
2. Enter your Current Password in the field.
3. Enter and then reconfirm your New Password in the appropriate fields.
4. Click the Save button.

How do I change the profile information for my ATD Memphis account?

Following these steps.

1. Login to the ATD Memphis website.
2. Click the "View Profile" link on the menu bar.
3. Click the Edit Profile button
4. When you have completed your profile changes, click the Publish button at the bottom

You can also change the part of your profile that are visible to others. That is done in the same way, just click the "Access by others" link when editing your profile.

How do I make sure I am receiving all the ATD Memphis e-mails? Or change it so that I receive less e-mails?

Following these steps.

1. Login to the ATD Memphis website.
2. Click the "View Profile" link on the menu bar.
3. Click the Edit Profile button.
4. Click the Subscriptions link at the top.
5. You have 2 choices for subscriptions. Make the appropriate choices for you.
6. When you have completed your subscription changes, click the Publish button at the bottom.

What if I have any other problems?

Send an e-mail to, and an appropriate Board member will be notified of and respond to your request.

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