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Results through Relationship Intelligence

  • July 13, 2021
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual Meeting
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  • All ATD Memphis members, SHRM Memphis members, guests, and anyone interested in joining ATD & SHRM are welcome to attend. Basically, anyone interested in bettering themselves and the world of talent development.

Results through
Relationship Intelligence

Presented by 

Michael Brown and Kyle Mening


Program Description

Core Strengths® is powered by the Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI 2.0). This webinar will provide you a complete view of who you are at your core, show you how to prevent conflict, provide visibility into the strengths you bring to your work, and provide real-time insight to adjust your approach with others for better results.

What You Will Learn During the Webinar:

  •  How to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of individual motives and strengths
  • The ability to tailor communication-based on individual motives and preferences
  • Understand diverse personalities and how that can trigger conflict
  • Discover your strengths and deploy them at the right time for the right reason for greater effectiveness

Upon registration confirmation, you will receive a link to complete your complimentary SDI 2.0 assessment.

About Our Presenters

Michael Brown
Michael Brown has spent over 10 years consulting, training, and implementing transformational leadership programs for senior leaders at organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Goodwill, and Hershey, to name a few. Michael is also an author, executive coach, and keynote speaker, addressing audiences from 50 to 2000 leaders. To ensure he can meet the unique needs and business objectives of his clients, Michael is certified in several industry-leading programs and assessments, including the SDI 2.0 and Core Strengths.

Kyle Menig
Kyle brings more than 25 years of leadership experience to his clients. Many of those years were in ministry leadership and coaching roles both domestically and internationally, where he led positions in Executive Coaching, Marketing, Teaching, Training, Fundraising, Leadership Development and Team Dynamics. Kyle is passionate about elevating organizational performance by helping individual learners connect their values with their work. He facilitates audiences from 5 to 1,500 using his expertise, humor and coaching to bring unique and lasting insights.

The link to the Zoom meeting will be provided in your
registration confirmation email. 

Looking Back at Women’s History in the Workplace to Navigate the Future Successfully

Presented by 

Katie West

Learning and Organizational Development Consultant - Strategic Talent Initiatives

Join us on Zoom
March 23, 2021
11:30 AM-1:00 PM
Register at tdmemphis.org

Program Description

ATD Memphis’ 2021 Program Theme is Intentional. Innovative. Inclusive. This year’s theme builds on lessons learned from 2020, from social distancing to social justice. The proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention” was in full display. While in many ways 2020 was a turbulent year, there were some positives and we emerged more resolute and more resilient. With 2021 ahead of us, we need to move forward, improving on the lessons learned, with an intentional, innovative and inclusive mindset.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ll delve into the specifics of leadership development, recruitment and retention of women.

  • Facts and Lessons from the Past
  • Current Trends
  • What the Future Holds

Katie West is a 35+ year veteran of the banking industry beginning as a part time teller with First Tennessee Bank through her role most previous role as Chief Talent Officer with Metropolitan Bank. She has spent the majority of her career leading various strategic learning and organizational development initiatives to facilitate change in the respective business and its people.

She has always believed that organizations must utilize various techniques to reach associates and assist them in ways to develop their career paths that are both beneficial to the organization and to the associates. She also believes in developing younger colleagues with strategic leadership competencies in the very beginning of their careers and helping seasoned leaders to continue to refine their skills throughout their career. She knows personal growth and development begins with understanding one’s own personality and knowing how to appropriately use it in interaction with others. This leads to exceptional career success.

Currently Katie works with businesses, non-profits, and individuals that want to develop strong competency for emotional and intelligence through the development of keen self-awareness and social awareness, along with self-management and relationship management. The Enneagram is her favorite tool to use with developing these essential life and leadership skills.

She graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BBA in Management She holds a professional degree from the Consumer Bankers Association’s Graduate School of Retail Bank Management. Katie currently enjoys spending time volunteering with Memphis Gridiron Ministries, Second Presbyterian Church and serving on the Board of Nexus Leaders.

The link to the Zoom meeting will be provided in your registration email. 

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