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In Action: Implementing Training Scorecards
Lynn Schmidt

This book, ASTD's 30th volume of the IN ACTION series, offers eight case studies from a variety of organizations. The authors of these case studies are diligently pursuing accountability in their areas of expertise. Here, they share their experiences through their writings to demonstrate the application of leading-edge principles that you can use to create and implement training scorecards to benefit your organization and its employees.

Telling Ain't Training
Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps

2003 Winner of ISPI Award of Excellence

How do learners learn? Why do they learn? How do you make sure that learning sticks? Here’s a book that answers these questions with real-world experience and sound advice on how humans learn best through active mental engagement. The book’s interactive approach and fun and breezy tone illustrate the authors’ point of view that learning should be active and enjoyable. Clear illustrations and solid research help you separate learning myth from research-based facts and dispel beliefs and practices that harm the instructional process.

Beyond Free Coffee & Donuts: Marketing Training and Development
Sophie Oberstein with Jan Alleman

Beyond Free Coffee & Donuts: Marketing Training and Development is not a book for those looking for quick and easy tips and techniques to draw more people into classroom training programs--or, in contemporary parlance, this is not a book to help you ".get more butts in seats". On the contrary, as the title suggests, this is a book for training and development professionals who are interested in creative ways to get their message heard and acted upon by the appropriate learner. Knowing how to properly market your training products increases the quality of your learner, not necessarily the quantity. Free coffee and donuts may draw crowds, but attracting appropriate and motivated learners is the key to producing training programs with real bottom-line impact.

New Employee Orientation Training
Karen Lawson

If you ever have to design new employee programs at the organizational or departmental levels, here’s a guide that will make the process much easier and help you solve the most common challenges you are likely to face. A flexible, icon-driven format and dozens of worksheets, exercises, structured experiences, handouts, and assessments allow you to develop customized new employee training lasting from one hour to a full day. Plus, the companion CD-ROM provided with its ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations and electronic copies of all supporting material featured in the book make implementing a new employee training program a just-in-time reality.

Customer Service Training
Maxine Karmin

Do you want to raise the bar for service excellence in your organization? Here is a practical, hands-on guide to help you quickly accomplish this goal. Dozens of field-tested exercises, games, activities, icebreakers, and assessment instruments help you teach employees the importance of customer service and improve their performance. A flexible format and easy-to-use icons help you develop a customized training program lasting from one hour to one day or longer. A companion CD-ROM includes PowerPoint® presentations and electronic copies of all supporting material.

New Supervisor Training
John Jones and Chris Chen

Help new and experienced supervisors make the transition from individual contributor to leader with ready-made training tools and materials in this practical, hands-on guide. Everything you need to quickly develop a new supervisor training program is included—for training lasting only a few hours to several days—in a handy icon-driven format that makes implementation a snap. A companion CD provides key exercises, handouts, assessments, structured experiences, and ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations developed from the book.

ASTD Trainer's Workshop Series Set of 3

Quickly and Easily Develop Training Programs with ASTD’s Trainer’s Workshop Series!

Do you need a practical, hands-on training guide that offers all the exercises, handouts, assessments, structured experiences, and ready-to-use material you need to develop effective training programs immediately? ASTD’s new Trainer’s Workshop Series could be your ready-to-implement training solution! Each of these valuable books includes a companion CD-ROM with customizable PowerPoint™ presentations and electronic copies of all supporting materials so you can start creating your training the minute you get the book.

E-Learning Series

Regardless of your role in your organization's transformation to e-learning, ASTD's E-Learning Series has the targeted, comprehensive and ready to use information you need to succeed. This set of seven publications consists of:

  • Project Managing E-Learning

  • Leading E-Learning

  • Selling E-Learning

  • Evaluating E-Learning

  • Using E-Learning

  • Designing E-Learning

  • Implementing E-Learning

Each book also includes checklists, tools, exercises, and case studies.

Innovation at Work
Katherine E. Holt, Ph.D

Use innovation in your organization to get bottom-line results. This issue of Info-line presents an effective process for stimulating innovation in your organization and turning creative new ideas into stakeholder benefit for shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers. This Info-line will show you how to assess your organization’s current focus on innovation and provides ideas to fuel innovative thinking. Use tools like the innovation inquiry, the imaginary pipeline, and the innovator role inventory to effect change in your organization.

Blue Sky, Red Earth
Karl Albrecht

Are you red or blue? Earth or sky? Mindex can help you identify the way you process and communicate information. Then you can get across your ideas and get through to other people more effectively.

The Complete Idiots Guide to Knowledge Management
Melissie Clemmons Rumizen, Ph.D

Guidance on how to share information among peers to helps companies achieve greater success. Explains the latest management buzzwords, offers advice on keeping open communication with customers and co-workers, and maintaining a knowledge management program with the future in mind.

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